How to make fire text effect in Photoshop

Fire Text Effect
Fire Text Effect Photoshop tutorial

Hi! In this tutorial I will show you how to make Fire Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial on Fire Text Effect in Photoshop CC.

First open your Adobe Photoshop. Go to New and take Transparent Background. Use Paint Bucket Tool (G) and click on the image. Now it looks black. Make a New Layer. Use Text Tool (T) and type something. Make a Duplicate Layer.  Go to “Image” then “Image Rotation” and then “90 degree clockwise”. Go to “Filter” then “Stylize” and then “Wind” and click on “Rasterize”. Go to “Image” then “Image Rotation” and then “90 degree counter clockwise”. Go to “Filter” then “Blur” and then “Motion Blur”. Create a New Layer. Use Gradient Tool (G) and turn over the image. Change Layer style from Normal to Color. Fill the opacity. Go to Hue and Saturation. And all of this you have done to make Fire Text Effect in Photoshop.


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