How To Create a Coloring Glowing Text Effect in Photoshop

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Coloring Glowing Text Effect in Photoshop

First open your Adobe Photoshop. Go to File menu and then New.

You will see a table. Choose your Document type, Width, Height, give Background Contents as Transparent and then press OK.

Use your Paint Bucket Tool and click left key by the mouse on the page.

Create a New Layer. Press T to use Horizontal Type Tool. Select a color that you want to use of Text. If you finished typing then press V to use Move Tool. Press Ctrl+T to transform your text.

Go to Image at the menu bar then Image Rotation and select 90 degree clockwise.

Go to Filter > Stylize > Wind. You will see a message. Click on Convert to Smart Object and then press OK. Again go to Filter > Stylize > Wind and press OK.

Again go to Filter > Stylize > Wind and press OK. If you want to rotate the picture do the previous step. Go to ‘Fill’ and give the value 0%. Double click on the Glowing background layer. You will find a chart. Mark ‘Outer Glow’ and then mark Contour. Double click on the Contour and select Cone Contour and then press OK.

Make a Duplicate layer of the Glowing layer. Invisible Bevel & Emboss and Outer Glow.

Create a New layer. Select Gradient Tool (G) the select Spectrum color. Select Reflected Gradient. Press and hold the left button of the mouse at the left lower corner and turn it to the opposite corner.

Go the layers option and change it to Color from Normal. Click ‘new fill or adjustments layer’ icon and give the amount of Hue and Saturation option.

And all of these you have done to Create a Coloring Glowing Text Effect in Photoshop.

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